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The big difference

BODY SOLUTIONS launches a unique fitness system in Dubai. Our innovative German technology offers the maximum number of results in a minimum of time. The BODY SOLUTIONS technology uses electrical muscle stimulation to simultaneously train muscles throughout the entire body. Two 20-minute sessions per week are all it takes to get your body into the shape you want. Launched in Dubai in 2012 by Mariam Hareb.


Together we are a Team

Join our Group Training

Now, you can train with your best friends in a personal-trainer-session or a small group-training-session. We call it: AmpliMulti.
AmpliMulti means up to 4 people train at 1 single EMA station. Join different classes, such as ladies-night-group-training or Arabic-music-group-training.

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Home personal training

No time? We come to your Home

You are too far away from our club? You can’t find the time or motivation to go to a gym? Don’t worry, avoid the training in a crowded fitness club! We offer you an individual support at your home. Request your personal trainer and experience BODY SOLUTIONS’ trial fitness training session. Best part: We come to a location of your choice.


AmpliTrain now in Dubai

Revolution in fitness market

AmpliTrain is EMA technology. Whether you are looking for fitness studios, personal training, competitive sport, physiotherapy, medicine, or the wellness and beauty establishment: AmpliTrain is the answer! With AmpliTrain your muscle groups can be activated all together or individually while using the innovative AmpliTrain-technology with MET-current. Our innovative German technology offers the maximum number of results in a minimum of time.


Time efficient training

Come and try the benefits of personal training with BODY SOLUTIONS in a trial session - without any obligations. Trial session in our club: Experience the unique AmpliTrain EMA system and receive comprehensive advices regarding BODY SOLUTIONS’ personal training and nutrition plan.

Don’t waste your time in a gym!


Run fast and gain muscles

Improve your skills

BODY SOLUTIONS’ EMA training with AmpliTrain clearly meets all conditions of building muscles. The electrical impulses stimulate your entire muscular system. The specific set of electrodes extensively activates the muscular system and causes states of intense muscular tension. Depending on the intensity, the degree of muscular tension can be even higher than during traditional resistance training.


Right time to check your BMI

Find out more about your body

Perfect combination: training/ nutrition! The basal metabolic rate of your body fundamentally depends on the muscular mass; and here our proofed work comes in. Through BODY SOLUTIONS’ EMA training muscles get built very fast. Thereby, the basal metabolic rate increases and fat-burning starts. To sum up, you lose a lot of weight in a short period!


"Here in Dubai I don’t have time for the gym. I found #MyBodySolution."



"This is amazing!"



"We are glad to share the story of Darine Hounaine with you. Darine trained with us 2x 20min per week. Result after 4(!) months: Weight-loss of 26pounds (12kg)."



"The training was very hard, intense, but really good."



"I trained for 3 months and I love my transformation. My body is shaped and I feel so much better now. It is an intense training with nice, motivating trainers."



"Sometimes the training is painful what means it works, but it is also a lot of fun."



"This is not only workout, this is the whole new experience of a lifestyle!"



"I had a surgery and with this training I now feel great improvements in my leg."



"Hi, here I am today at Body Solutions. Full of energy! It is working. It is really, really good."



"The training is so good!"


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